We're always excited to work with people who feel as passionately about wine  as we do. If you're interested in our wine selection and  you would like Phialē Wines to curate a wine list based on the needs of your business or event, we would be extremely happy to you.

We currently supply a handful of restaurants, bars and hotels. We are proud that our wines are hand picked by some of the best sommeliers on the island. and are listed in some fascinating wine lists. 


  • Amara Hotel, Limassol
  • Amathus Hotel, Limassol
  • Four Seasons Hotel, Limassol
  • Mediterranean Hotel, Limassol 
  • Parklane Hotel, Limassol

Restaurants & Bars

  • Salone Pizza & Pasta Bar, Limassol
  • Porto Hydra, Limassol
  • Alley, Limassol
  • Embers, Limassol
  • Dionysus Mansion, Limassol
  • Bistrot 55, Limassol
  • Bistrot 55 Summer Edition, Limassol 
  • Cookhouse, Limassol
  • Tartufo, Limassol 
  • Fat Fish, Limassol
  • Columbia Steakhouse, Limassol
  • Columbia Sun, Limassol
  • Columbia Beach, Limassol
  • Plus Sea Lifestyle Restaurant & Bar, Limassol
  • Library Bar, Limassol
  • Sousami Bar, Limassol
  • Cinema, Limassol
  • Punin Wines, Limassol
  • Bar du Soleil, Limassol
  • Henry's Nicosia
  • Pralina Experience, Nicosia
  • Silver Star, Nicosia
  • Beba, Nicosia
  • Kollaborative, Nicosia
  • Swimming birds, Nicosia
  • Cito Gourmet Express, Nicosia
  • My Vine Merchants, Nicosia
  • Vinaria Wine Bar, Larnaca