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Denavolo Dinavolino '18, Vdt

Denavolo Dinavolino '18, Vdt

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This wine comes from the winery’s lower vineyards. The grapes are harvested with an alcohol potential of about 11.5%, so that the must is quite acidic and allows Armani to produce without adding sulphites to the wine, since the acidity protects it significantly.

Tasting Notes: The wine unfolds with sage and orange peel on the nose, followed by stone fruits and a hint of toffee, ending with a fine balance of tannins, acidity and a hint of dried herbs.  The finish last for several minutes past the first sip! 

Food Pairing Suggestion:  White meats, Asian inspired dishes, smoked fish

Grape Varieties: Malvasia Aromatica di Candia, Marsanne, Ortrugo, Trebbiano Romagnolo

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