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La Fabrica del Panforte

La Fabrica del Panforte Cantucci

La Fabrica del Panforte Cantucci

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Typical Tuscan traditional desserts, they are produced following the original recipe dictated by the production regulations of Assocantucini, an Association of Producers of Tuscan Almond Cantuccini

Our cantucci are obtained from the artisanal processing of excellent-quality ingredients including flour, almonds, sugar, eggs, butter and honey. The almonds we use are of the best quality and are used whole, shelled and selected by hand to avoid any possible impurities. The PGI designation, as well as making us proud, guarantees a rigorous control of the production process combined with the use of top-quality ingredients. At the end of the preparation, the cantucci are baked and cut while still hot in order to obtain the characteristic oblique shape. Once cooled, the cantucci can be packaged in various formats. The final result is a dessert with a strong aftertaste of almonds and eggs with a decidedly crunchy texture.

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