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Nicholas Joly Clos de la Bergerie '14, Savennieres AOC

Nicholas Joly Clos de la Bergerie '14, Savennieres AOC

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It has another name:  Savennières Roche aux Moines . The average age of the vines is about 25 years.The soils also composed of schists are somewhat thicker (about 30 to 80 cm). The yields are 25/30 hectoliters per hectare (50 allowed).The slopes less pronounced than for the Coulée are more oriented towards the east.The winemaking is made of wood (never more than 5% new wood) and produces about 8/10 000 bottles per year.

 "Known as the Coulée de Serrant’s little sister, this is a beautiful expression of Chenin Blanc. An explosion of flavours in the mouth, a sphere of orange blossom, white truffles, saffron and rich lemons. There is a multitude of flavour here, complex like you can barely believe, and yet each one is expressed with delicacy and finesse. Joly says he loves wines that ‘cast a light as they go’, and the poetry of that phrase makes total sense here. Indigenous yeasts and although under 10ppm of sulphur added, it’s remarkably stable – the wine we drank here had been open for 8 days and yet still tasted fresh and full of life."

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